About Us

About Us

About Us

"Spaarks" Artistic Painting; It is an A DIZAYN Organization.

SPAARKS; It operates in the manufacturing and marketing sector of artistic paintings in Konya.

Our company, which designs and manufactures paintings for your individual and corporate painting needs, offers art and manual labor together.

Our company, which has the necessary knowledge, team and equipment to fully fulfill its commitments, makes special handmade table design and production according to customer demands.

In our product ring;

There are mineral patterned acrylic paintings, mineral patterned gold leaf paintings and mineral patterned epoxy paintings.

We invite you to see our artistic paintings and production, which will decorate the walls of business and living spaces such as workplaces, meeting rooms, cafes, restaurants and residences.


To provide our customers with products and services related to our field of activity, exceeding expectations every time without sacrificing quality and ethical values.


It is the first and preferred institution that provides added value to its customers and employees, reaches wide audiences with its quality products and services, and is the first to come to mind with its customer-oriented service approach.